Devon Primary Care Trust judgement in High Court
DevonPCT judgement
An account of the suspension, contingent removal and termination of Devon GP Dr Roger Stephenson's contract, the subsequent High Court judgement against Devon Primary Care Trust and ongoing developments in this case.

16 January 2015:
NHS England’s lawyers (Bevan Brittan) have declined to disclose electronic data, despite several requests from Dr Stephenson since the Court Order of April 2014. The latest reason given for delay is that the NHS England Officer responsible has recently left the post and a new officer wants to review the situation…

Winter 2014:
Dr Graham Dempster Lockerbie who conducted the flawed performance investigation “was not appointed” (.pdf) as Medical Director of a newly realigned southwest region of NHS England. We are not sure whether there is a connection between Dr Lockerbie’s departure and the delays in disclosure mentioned above. His role has been taken over by Dr Caroline Gamlin of Somerset.

Watch Dr Lockerbie on YouTube.

4 November 2014:
Dr Sanford-Wood, who represented the LMC on the first hearing panels for BOTH Dr Bower and Dr Stephenson, and the panel that suspended Dr Stephenson, announces his retirement from partnership to the nation “because the financial risk was just too much”. It is no surprise, therefore, that his views on QOF seem to have changed (.pdf) : “…the slavish ticking of meaningless boxes.”

September 2013:
Dr Snee vandalises campaigners’ placards prior to public meeting.

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