Devon Primary Care Trust judgement in High Court
DevonPCT judgement
An account of the suspension, contingent removal and termination of Devon GP Dr Roger Stephenson's contract, the subsequent High Court judgement against Devon Primary Care Trust and ongoing developments in this case.

Dr. Kevin Snee, CEO of Devon PCT (resigned Sep. 2009)

photo of Dr. Kevin Snee, CEO of Devon PCT Devon PCT's Chief Executive from October 2006. Initially he chaired the Interim Board (of which Dr Graham Lockerbie (see Who's Who?) was a co-member) prior to formation of Devon PCT by amalgamation of several smaller PCTs in April 2007.

Dr Kevin Snee personally chaired all four of Dr Stephenson's hearings.   He has resigned from Devon PCT and accepted a post as CEO at the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.   He emigrated there in October 2009.   He has been replaced in Devon by Ann James.

In the financial year 2008-9 he enjoyed a pay rise of £40,000 p.a. and his pension pot was boosted by a quarter of a million pounds.

Devon PCT was criticised in the SWSHA Report (.pdf).   See this BBC News item which includes video of interview with Dr Kevin Snee.

According to the Medical Council of New Zealand website there is no Doctor Snee registered with the NZ Medical Council as of 2nd. January 2010.

“There is nothing more detrimental to a working environment than an unhappy organisational culture"
  Dr Kevin Snee  27 May 2010.

However, as Chief Executive of Devon PCT, the same Dr Snee presided over an organisation whose staff survey in 2008 showed that only 23% of employees reported “good communication between senior management and staff” (KF29), and 16% experienced “harassment, bullying or abuse from staff in last 12 months” (KF27).   The survey document presents the results compared to other PCTs nationally, and highlights those areas where Devon PCT was in the bottom 20%.   However, the results were not all so bad, with, for instance a high score for “availability of hand washing materials” (KF20).

Another recent national survey (.pdf 3.50Mb) placed Devon PCT 132nd out of 148 in a “World Class Commissioning” league table, during the time that Kevin Snee was CEO.

UPDATE September 2013 Dr Snee vandalises campaigners’ placards prior to public meeting.

Hawke's Bay District Health Board chief executive Dr Kevin Snee is making no apologies after stomping, forcefully removing and attempting to smash anti-fluoride protest signs at a public meeting yesterday.

Before the board-organised public meeting began in Havelock North at 2pm, a Hawke's Bay Today reporter witnessed Dr Snee removing anti-fluoride signs displayed outside the Havelock North Community Centre, where the meeting was scheduled to take place.

He tossed the stakes around the lawn before attempting to bend and break the placards over his knee and then stomping on them.

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